A total of 911MW of offshore wind capacity was added in UK waters during the opening six months of the year, according to a new report from industry body WindEurope.

The UK accounted for the lion’s share of Europe’s 1.1GW of added offshore capacity, with Belgium chalking up 175MW and Denmark 28MW.

Pierre Tardieu, Chief Policy Officer at WindEurope, said: “In offshore wind, Europe is too dependent on the UK, which is striding ahead in current installations and in committing to future volumes.

“By contrast, the rate of new installations has slowed down in Germany. Other countries also need to beef up and speed up their plans on offshore wind.”

Onshore additions dwindling

In contrast, the UK added only 13MW of onshore capacity in the first half of the year.

Europe’s total increase in onshore capacity stood at 3.3GW, driven by Germany’s additional 1.6GW.

France added 605MW, although WindEurope warned the figure masked issues in the country, which hasn’t approved any further projects for the past eight months due to administrative issues.

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