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A date should be set for Wales to get all of its energy from renewable sources, according to politicians.

The National Assembly of Wales Environment & Sustainability Committee said the move would tie in with the nation’s goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2050.

Alun Ffred Jones, Chair of the committee, said: “Underpinning the moral case for reducing Wales’s carbon emissions are international and domestic commitments to limiting average global temperature rises. In Wales we have taken a further step by establishing a legally-binding emissions reduction target.

“Wales’s only chance of meeting this target is to transform the way we all think about energy; its generation, distribution, storage and conservation.”

German example

As part of its inquiry into renewable energy, the committee visited the state of Baden-Wurrtemberg in south-west Germany.

“What we saw in Germany reinforced the case for change and showed us what was possible if the right mix of leadership, policy and regulation is applied,” said Jones.

“We saw many inspirational examples of what could be achieved if policy makers are brave enough to take hard decisions and when communities start to control the shape of their future.”

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