Ending the export tariff that pays small-scale generators to sell renewable energy to the grid threats community-owned projects, according to export.

Community Energy England and the Solar Trade Association have said that growth of the sector will stall without the financial support.

The #Fair4Solar coalition claims that axing the payment will mean that small-scale rooftop solar will be subsidising large companies by providing free electricity to the grid.

Ministers have been consulting on proposals to axe the export tariff alongside the feed-in tariff in April.

Detrimental effect

Afsheen Rashid, Chair of Community Energy England, warned: “We’re going to see a stalling of growth in community energy as a whole.

“It is really detrimental because many projects are no longer going to be financially viable, and community energy offers local solutions, allowing local people to get involved in the energy system.

“Community energy is a key cornerstone to the government’s ambition for transition to a low-carbon, smart energy system, but these plans will see that transition slowed down.”

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