The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has urged ministers to adopt a “whole system approach” in order to implement its Clean Growth Strategy.

The ETI said no single technology held the answer to decarbonisation and that a combination of techniques was needed.

The institute said that the next decade is “vital” to develop, prove and commercialise low-carbon technologies.

Its proposed whole system approach involves considering the way in which the country sources power for electricity, heating and transport.

Underdeveloped technologies

Jo Coleman, Strategy Development Director at the ETI, said: “To effectively decarbonise by 2050 and provide clean, affordable, secure energy, whole systems analysis is important to help innovators identify and unleash opportunities.

“We are not talking about new revolutionary ideas, rather developing, commercialising and integrating the known but underdeveloped technologies.

“The UK must look to renew and transform its energy infrastructure, but it’s important to do this efficiently so that consumer bills are kept at an affordable rate and ensure our industries remain competitive.”

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