Aberdeen and Northern Eggs

Customer: Aberdeen and Northern Eggs
Location: Aberdeenshire
Technology: Wind (On-site Generation)
Commissioned: July 2010
Installed capacity: 800 KW
Customer since: 2010

Processing four million eggs a week by wind

In 2010 Aberdeen and Northern Eggs invested around £1.2 million in a wind turbine to power farm buildings and packing lines at its business, which handles up to 4 million eggs a week.

On a windy day the 800kW turbine is able to power its entire production facility with renewable electricity, and it earns money by supplying spare output to the grid via a Power Purchase Agreement with SmartestEnergy.

The company, which is behind the Farmlay brand, has since commissioned 200kW of solar PV and replaced its gas heaters with a woodchip-fuelled biomass plant which heats water before it is pumped to rearing units to keep chicks warm.

Robert Chapman, who runs the family-owned enterprise at Strichen in Aberdeenshire with his wife Ethel and son Iain, says financial benefits are not the only consideration.

“We are retailers as well as farmers, and consumers are increasingly looking to the businesses they buy from to demonstrate sustainability,” he said.

“Investing in renewable energy is a win-win for the business as it reduces our costs as well as helping our operations be more environmentally-friendly.”

The business aims to minimise environmental impact across its operations, and runs its own fleet of vehicles so it can plan collections and deliveries more efficiently and reduce food miles.

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