Unlock the energy revolution with DSR

Speaking at Edie Live last week, Head of Marketing Mike Shirley, said the UK energy revolution is already happening now. Here he discusses how smart businesses are seeing demand response (DSR) as the next chapter of energy efficiency.

Many industry experts are saying that an energy revolution is on the horizon for the UK. But we disagree - we think it’s actually already happening and the time is now for smart businesses to get involved.

Companies well-placed for the revolution are the ones...

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Rollercoaster prices highlight changing energy system

Our energy system is in the midst of significant change and prices are becoming increasingly volatile. Chris Smith, Head of Renewable Sales, discusses recent spikes in the cash-out price.

Increased intermittent renewable capacity on the network and reduced conventional fossil fuel generation due to closure or planned and unplanned plant outages, has led to significant power price volatility in the balancing market.

This gives an indication of future cash out price volatility as we move to PAR ...

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Renewables and storage need a level playing field with traditional generation

Following the launch of our fifth annual Energy Entrepreneurs Report, VP Renewables, Iain Robertson explains why the independent generation market is looking for stability and a level playing field.

Energy entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the transition to a new energy system that is happening now. Despite facing many challenges and much political uncertainty, independent developers still have substantial renewable project pipelines and are looking at innovative ways to build without...

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DSR: The next chapter of energy efficiency

Many businesses have successfully cut costs in recent years through a focus on reducing electricity consumption. Robert Owens, Vice President of Asset Optimisation, explains the raft of new opportunities emerging in the demand-side space.

National Grid recently said it expects peak electricity demand to reach a record low this summer, citing factors including the cumulative impact of energy efficiency measures for continuing the downward trend seen in peak consumption in recent years.


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What will the new energy system look like? Can we learn from nature to define a more dynamic active system?

SmartestEnergy is a proud supporter of Forum for the Future’s Living Grid project which is looking at how we can be inspired by nature to transform our energy system. Mike Shirley explains more about this exciting project and why SmartestEnergy is involved.

The UK energy system is in the midst of major change - trying to become more renewable, flexible and smarter, but struggling with outdated infrastructure, systems, policies and approaches.

As a supplier, purchaser and aggregator of energy, ...

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Holistic approach crucial to establish credibility of DSR

Following last week's auction for Demand Side Response (DSR) capacity, VP Asset Optimisation Robert Owens talks about the crucial next steps for developing this emerging sector.

With last week’s Transitional Arrangements auction clearing higher than expected at £45/kW, there is now a chance for Demand Side Response (DSR) to continue gaining momentum and start delivering on its promise to support the UK energy system.

The high price is good news for the contract winners, including...

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Connecting sustainability and procurement agendas

Head of Product Development, Mike Shirley, shares his views on connecting the agendas of sustainability and procurement departments.

I have spoken at a couple of sustainability events recently and noticed a recurring theme in my discussions with people from many companies; the competing, and sometimes clashing, priorities of sustainability and procurement departments.

It is something we see a lot as a renewable electricity supplier. Traditionally, we have dealt with Energy Managers or...

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FiT CfD costs become clearer

Our latest Informer Series webinars provided insight on where energy prices and non-commodity costs are heading.  Mark Cox, Key Account Manager and presenter of our latest webinar, looks at the Feed-in Tariff Contract for Difference (FiT CfD) charge which has recently started to appear on bills.

Businesses never like uncertainty so energy buyers will welcome the improved visibility we now have on the likely costs of the FiT CfD scheme in the years ahead.

The scheme, which is replacing the...

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Embedded generators face significant Triad cuts

On Wednesday Ofgem released a ‘minded to’ decision which would dramatically reduce the revenues embedded generators receive for generating during Triad periods. Vice President of Renewables Iain Robertson comments on what this will mean for our customers.

Generators have received the disappointing news that Ofgem plans to reduce the level of Triad payments from £45/kW to around £2/kW. The announcement follows their open letter published last summer raising concerns about the high costs.

Under ...

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How Adnams is setting the sustainability standard for brewing

Award-winning UK brewer, distiller, retailer and pub owner Adnams is a purpose-led, values-driven organisation. Andy Wood OBE, Chief Executive Officer, explains brewing award-winning beer can be done without costing the earth. 

Why has your business chosen to be supplied by renewable electricity?

We are a purpose led and values driven organisation and that’s why we work with SmartestEnergy. SmartestEnergy gives us the opportunity to purchase 100% renewable energy which helps us to offset 25%...

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