Blockchain in Energy - Explanations and Applications

SmartestEnergy’s parent company, Marubeni has recently partnered with US technology firm LO3 Energy in order to develop blockchain solutions applicable to the energy market. In this blog, Michael Watts, Strategic Sales Manager for Industrial and Commercial Supply, explores what blockchain solutions are all about, as well as their relevance in the UK energy market both today and in the future.

What is blockchain?

The term ‘blockchain’ is used so often at the moment, that it’s become a buzzword ...

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Generator Revenue Streams: Looking Ahead

Both market fluctuations and regulatory change continue to impact generator incomes. In this blog, Head of Renewable Sales, Chris Smith outlines SmartestEnergy’s forecasts for generator revenue streams and explains the changes in selling strategies we are seeing from Generators.


1-Year View of Market PPA

The last 12 months have been noticeably volatile in the market, with prices £7-£10/MWh higher than 12 months ago for both Summer and Winter 19 contracts.

The Winter 19 contract started...

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Non-Commodity Costs: Factors and Forecasts

In a world of rising non-energy costs, it pays to be on top of policy and price changes. In this blog, Key Account Manager, Mark Cox walks through SmartestEnergy’s forecasts for Non-Commodity Costs and the drivers behind them.

Renewables Obligation (RO) Forecast:

Subsidy schemes continue to represent an increasing cost on consumer bills and the RO is no different. Currently, the RO places £22/MWh on bills, but this is set to rise from April 2019. The new rate has been set at £23.61/MWh - an...

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Unlocking the potential for Corporate PPAs to gain traction in the UK

In looking at the adoption of Corporate PPA agreements in the UK, Mike Watts, I&C Strategic Sales Manager, addresses the challenges and opportunities explored in our most recent report titled ‘Corporate PPA: Cutting through the complexity to unlock the potential’.

The shift to low-carbon electricity generation in line with the Paris Agreement objectives will need to be led by renewables. However, with businesses accounting for most of the world’s electricity supply use, they can make a...

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ESOS 2019: Are You Ready?

The December 2019 Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) deadline is looming, so is your business on track? Michael Watts, I&C Strategic Manager, reviews the lessons learned in Phase 1, how your business can prepare for Phase 2, and the actions needed to reach your full energy potential.

With the ESOS Phase 2 deadline less than a year away – 5th December 2019 – now is the time to identify and realise the energy saving opportunities in your operations. With approximately 10,000 UK...

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The Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Framework - Is Your Business Aware?

With the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) coming to an end this year, is your business aware of the new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) Framework? Deputy Vice President of I&C Supply, Dan Smith looks at the changes and considers what businesses need to do to comply.

The CRC has been in place since 2010, requiring participants to report their gas and electricity supplies on an annual basis. Businesses within the scheme have been required to buy the corresponding carbon...

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Capacity Market Standstill: The Perfect Time To Move Forwards

The Capacity Market is facing an uncertain future as Government await the outcome of a new review conducted by the European Commission. Head of Regulatory Affairs, Colin Prestwich explores how the review offers an opportunity to implement changes for the better…

It’s now been 3 months since the European Court of Justice suspended the Capacity Market (CM). In the meantime, Government have consulted on options to keep the scheme running during the standstill period, and industry itself has begun ...

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Targeted Charging Review - Industry Feedback on the Proposals

At the close of 2018, Head of Renewable Sales, Chris Smith published a blog on the planned industry changes in the Targeted Charging Review, focusing particularly on Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) charges and the likely costs to existing generation. In this latest blog, he reflects on feedback from industry stakeholders following his participation in a REGEN panel discussion, which explored the implications of the changes and addressed generator’s concerns.

Over the last few weeks,...

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Battery Planning Changes: Enabling Deployment in the Post-Subsidy World

Batteries have encountered a number of hurdles recently, with the capacity market suspension increasing uncertainty for developers and de-rating factors cutting revenues. In this blog, Head of Markets for Asset Optimisation, Boz Bozhkov explores the proposed changes to planning rules for batteries and how they could change the deployment landscape for the better.

Its great to see government showing the right intent and trying to help battery storage deploy.

A new consultation has outlined...

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Power Market Prices - 2018 Review

2018 was a volatile period for power prices. Head of Renewable Sales, Chris Smith, reviews some of the significant trends and key market drivers. He goes on to consider the current market changes and considerations at play early this year.

In the UK last year, we witnessed a sustained period of power price growth across the summer. We also observed plenty of extreme price levels, with Winter 18 baseload power prices peaking close to £75/MWh on 10 September 2018 (£49/MWh: 2017). While Summer...

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