Creating an achievable sustainable future for our customers

As a next generation energy company, we are positioning ourselves for a more sustainable future, which is why we have launched our second annual Sustainability Report. Robert Groves, Chief Executive Officer, provides an overview of what you can expect from our latest report.

Putting customers at the heart of what we do has always been our focus. We know our customers care deeply about sustainability and reporting measures, so this was a major driver for us to share – beyond our day-to-day...

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The upward trend for green gas is accelerating our transition towards a more sustainable energy future

We are observing an upward market trend for green gas as demand increases and prices continue to rise. Amid this positive backdrop, Vishnu Aggarwal, Head of Renewables Trading, introduces SmartestEnergy’s green gas offerings and provides some insight into the gas prices over the last year.

Green gas (biomethane) has set itself apart from existing fossil-fuel derived natural gas provisions. As a renewable alternative, biomethane offers a solution for our sustainable energy transition....

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Has the Capacity Market been a success?

It has been five years since the Capacity Market was established through Electricity Market Reform (EMR). Boz Bozhkov, Head of Markets, provides an overview of how successful the Capacity Market has been and where it should go in the future.

The EMR programme was set-up by the government to tackle three issues within the energy market known as the energy trilemma, which are:

• Security of supply
• Minimising the cost of energy to consumers
• Decarbonising electricity supply

As part of the...

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What’s driving the future supply market?

This year marks the 10th anniversary of our electricity supply business! As we celebrate the success of the last ten years, Vice President of I&C Supply, Andy Cormie looks at what’s driving the future of the supply market.

This month our I&C Supply business is 10 years old!

When we launched on the 1st October 2008 after signing our first customer, the well-known charity Barnardo’s, the supply market was very different. Dominated by the ‘Big 6’ with their asset-heavy business models,...

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Our unique 2017/2018 Energy Labels have been released for all certified renewable electricity customers

This week marks the third year running that our customers have received their annual Energy Label showing their fuel mix and carbon emissions for the certification period. Robin Jolly, Head of Account Management, explains the value the Energy Labels provide to customers and why they have become so popular.

The concept of the Energy Label was introduced by the Aldersgate Group in 2014 and we were the first supplier to embrace this initiative. We believe it is important that our customers know...

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SmartestEnergy adapts to the future smart grid outlook

As a next generation energy company, we are always looking ahead and proactively developing innovative solutions for our customers. Robert Groves, Chief Executive Officer, believes that the future is moving towards a ‘smart grid’ approach and explains what we are doing to adapt and grow our business.

Looking ahead, we can see a shift towards a smart grid outlook and we plan to be ready for that future.

A smart grid approach will mean that our energy will be managed more efficiency and more...

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Do Corporate PPA’s play a part in a subsidy-free future?

Ofgem recently confirmed that the Feed-in-Tariff will close in April 2019, moving the UK even closer to a subsidy-free future. Rob Luke, Head of Origination explores the role that Corporate PPA’s will play in supporting future new renewable generation.

The feed-in-tariff (FiT) has been instrumental to the installation of new small scale renewable generators, providing approximately 6,015MW capacity over the eight years, since the scheme started.

The announcement that the FiT scheme will be...

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CEO Blog: National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios prepare the industry for big changes over next 30 years

The energy landscape is changing rapidly, but what does the future hold for the next 30 years? Chief Executive Officer, Robert Groves comments on some of the headline statistics from National Grid’s recent Future Energy Scenarios Report.

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen the energy system transform. Renewable generation provided a record-breaking 29% of the UK’s electricity in 2017, and just last month it was reported that the UK has already recorded 1,000 hours of coal-free generation...

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Heatwave enables record generation for Solar Generators

Solar generation hit an all-time high during the last week in June, providing a record breaking 533GWh. With continued record-breaking temperatures, clear blue skies and plenty more sunshine forecast for the foreseeable summer, Chris Smith, Head of Renewables, explains the Power market trends we have seen over recent months. Looking further at what this means for solar generators in the UK if we continue to experience extended heatwaves like this year-on-year.

This year has seen temperatures...

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Embracing future supply market arrangements that will expand options for customers nationwide

David Cockshott, Chief Commercial Officer, explores the consumer benefits that will arise from opening up options for customers to buy and sell electricity from more than one party. He explores the pros as well as the cons, and urges a structured, planned and considered set of changes that protects consumers and suppliers equally.

The premise of a discussion paper published by Elexon in April centred on recommendations to change contractual arrangements to create an opportunity for customers...

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