Independent generators now make up 9.2% of Great Britain’s energy mix – Download your copy of Energy Entrepreneurs 2018 here

Today we are launching our sixth Energy Entrepreneurs Report at All Energy. Iain Robertson, VP Renewables, explains what you can expect from the latest report, which provides an overview of independent renewable energy generation in Great Britain.

In the past five years we have seen the contribution from independent generators double, helping set a new record for the longest period without coal generation for more than 130 years.

2017 saw continued growth as final projects reached completion


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Independent generation reaches 14GW – pick up Energy Entrepreneurs Report 2018 at All-Energy

Last year saw continued growth in the independent renewable sector despite significant changes. Iain Robertson, Vice President Renewables, provides a sneak preview of the Energy Entrepreneurs Report 2018 and explains how SmartestEnergy is evolving to ensure we do what we can to help generators take advantage of the new energy system.

2017 saw the closure of the Renewable Obligation Scheme to new projects, which has provided the subsidy needed to enable over 10GW of new generation over 15...

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Five reasons to meet SmartestEnergy at The Energyst Event

On Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th, next week, you will find our team of energy experts on the SmartestEnergy stand for The Energyst Event at the National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull. Michael Watts, Strategic Sales Manager, gives you five great reasons to visit us on Stand 36 (Britannia Suite).

1. Pick up our new guide, Unlocking the value in flexible assets

Be the first to read our new guide launching exclusively at the event. Find out how your business could make significant cost savings...

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Times are changing for Triads

The Triad results published last week have again highlighted the changing energy landscape and the impact of more energy users managing their consumption at peak times. Gavin Baker, Head of Pricing, discusses the winter 2017/18 results and the future direction of travel for Triads.

Triads have been used to cover transmission costs since 1950’s – but with the energy system changing rapidly and many large consumers now able to reduce their costs through Triad avoidance, industry experts think...

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The flexibility opportunity for businesses

The energy revolution is not on the horizon, it’s happening now. Following our webinar on this topic, James Graham, Head of Sales in our Asset Optimisation team, explains why businesses need to change the way they view and use energy to take advantage of the flexibility opportunity.

Most in the business world will be aware of the low-carbon transition happening in the global energy system. The change we’ve seen in Great Britain over just a few years has been dramatic – since 2014, coal’s...

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Test our Price Trigger PPA Revenue Model for your project

With the market changing quickly, many generators are increasingly looking at how to take a more active approach to selling their power. Stephen McInally, Business Development Manager, explains how our Price Trigger PPA Revenue Model can help generators understand their options.

The energy landscape is changing rapidly, with an increasingly decarbonised mix, more frequent periods of price volatility, and new subsidy support on hold until at least 2025. On top of this, the embedded benefits...

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Which PPA best fits your risk strategy?

With subsidies removed and embedded benefits reduced, the financial landscape for generators is changing. Following our recent generators webinar, Chris Smith, Head of Renewable Sales, discusses the range of Power Purchase Agreements we provide to match the requirements of our customers.

Changes to generation subsidies and embedded benefits tend to dominate the headlines, but a key aspect of a generators’ revenue is still very much in their control – how much they are paid for their power.


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Three steps to make your company more energy resilient

Energy is a major material cost for most businesses and typically the largest source of carbon emissions. Chief Commercial Officer David Cockshott, discusses why organisations can no longer afford to be passive energy consumers.

Energy is a strategic priority for many large companies. This was historically because of cost but with the increasing focus on climate change, carbon emissions and energy security are now top of the agenda.

Many companies have seen energy efficiency and renewable...

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What does 2018 have in store for generator revenues?

2017 was the greenest year on record and 2018 could top this with even more renewable projects contributing to energy mix. But how are revenues shaping up? Following our recent webinar, Chris Smith, Head of Renewable Sales, discusses the key trends and issues generators need to know for the year ahead.

While the major headlines around renewables are all positive, the financial landscape for independent generators is becoming increasingly challenging.

Revenues for existing projects are being...

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Energy market opportunities could strengthen the business model for Gas Peakers

8.3GW of gas peaking plants have been successful in the Capacity Market T-4 auctions over the last four years, but with the clearing price hitting a record low, gas peaker developers are revisiting their business models. Angus Widdowson looks at the revenue sources for gas peakers to maximise the value of their assets.

Traditional generation plants are being replaced by renewable generation sources as we strive towards a cleaner energy system, but with less baseload supply and increasing...

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